What is our Value proposition?

We have unique relationships in multiple worlds that are all converging.

We have a unique view of the world of seeing how relatively unconnected things could be connected to bring great value to everyone and to be able to put those relationships in place. We have experience of the world of opposites:

  • creating and leading an entrepreneurial business in a new innovation discipline for a Fortune 500 company.
  • operating business in North America and globally
  • accelerating innovation in pioneering new ways while understanding the P and L pressures in a Fortune 200 company.
  • strategically looking and being able to solve the new business problems facing traditional businesses today, especially in the consumer goods area.
  • being a client in charge of all global agencies and being on the service delivery side.
  • advising on the practical application of digital transformation for legacy companies.

And it's our name, The Hamill Network that signifies these diverse perspectives coming together to create holistic solutions.