The hallmark of The Hamill Network is to provide practical solutions in market that drive results; not just interesting presentation decks. The types of assignments The Hamill Network is undertaking are:

  • How do you evolve your business strategy to protect the core business and identify new business opportunities in a time of disruption?
  • How can a legacy business capitalize on new digital opportunities and threats?
  • How can we adapt new types of solutions to today’s problems within a large corporation?
  • How should we be structured for an effective R&D and innovation organization that is quicker and delivers more successful results than our current efforts and what capabilities do we need?
  • How should I market my brands to today’s consumers? Especially the 50+?
  • Can you develop the plan with the right partners to launch my new product?
  • How can I increase the valuation of my Company?

The Hamill Network is a company that creates growth solutions for Fortune 500 companies by aligning strategy, brands, innovation and digital transformation through unique connections. These connections have evolved throughout our diverse careers as strategists, P and L business leaders, entrepreneurs, media gurus, digital visionaries and creating the leading consultancy in accelerating innovation for major companies.

Prior to her founding of The Hamill Network, Maddie was a senior executive of The Coca-Cola Company responsible for creating and implementing the global strategy in 188 countries.

The Hamill Network has worked globally and in Europe in multiple disciplines, gaining unique insights into the needs of global and North American corporations. Our reputation as a strategic visionaries who can identify opportunities and create executable action plans that deliver measurable results has led to a successful consulting practice with Fortune 500 companies where companies are now delivering over $1BN in new growth from the plans we put in place and the execution of those plans.

We are now taking those principles for growth and applying to the new issues facing businesses today; how to transform a legacy business to be successful in the digital era; how to distribute through new channels; new ways to engage consumers; how to position brands against entrepreneurial disruptors; entering new adjacent categories for growth, creating new business models to capitalize on emerging trends. Our network has applied these principles to create new growth solutions for Kimberley-Clark, Dollar Shave Club, Facebook, Apple and The Coca-Cola Company.

The Hamill Network are leaders in their respective fields and are known for breaking the mould for finding solutions in today’s ever changing environment. They cover branding, story telling, strategy development, innovation leveraging the start up community, communication and engagement.