How we approach an assignment?

We are a boutique consultancy which will only work on a limited number of clients at any one time.

We like to have a deep understanding of our client’s businesses, the issues they face and the organizational and cultural issues that need to be planned for, to get to a practical solution.

Our specialty is cpg and most of our relationships are multi-year. Our most senior consultant is the day to day contact on every assignment so you know that the person you buy is the person who will deliver the work.

However we do draw on a network of experienced partners in our network to answer any assignment. We have partners in business strategy, branding, organizational development and capability building, communication strategy and execution in all marketing disciplines including digital.

We are transparent in letting you see the suggested partners we will use and having your input. We will bring the best of the best together to deliver solutions for companies that are truly breakthrough and leverage the leading edge of each discipline. Our differentiator is that we deliver holistic solutions to each business problem created by people who know what works.